Sweden Retreat

Sweden Retreat

Embrace True Nature Retreat

Date:  24 June – 28 June 2020
Location: Himladal

This is not an ordinary retreat but a life-changing and transformative journey into your Inner Self. No matter what has occurred in the past, when we meet ourselves Openly and Honestly, we discover something astonishing, empowering and deeply humbling.

“No one ever goes into deep inner searching and finds out “I am not enough” in fact we find the opposite.” 
– Amara Samata, founder of InnerGuidance International

Embrace True Nature is a heart opening journey to connect with your True Self and your True Potential. This is for you who are longing to take the next step in your life and find a more authentic way of living. Let go of old beliefs and patterns that do not serve you, in order to embrace your Authentic Self and bring what you wish for into your life.



Embrace true nature will take place at Himladal – sanctuary for healing and transformation. Here you will be surrounded by lush swedish nature, eat healthy delicious food, go for swims in the lake and be given everything needed in order for you to be able to embrace your own true nature.


Arrival on Wednesday 24th of June between 12.00 and 13.00. Finishing on Sunday 28th of June at 15.00. The location is Himladal in Seglora (30 min. from Gothenburg airport). We offer pick up service from the airport for 30€. If you are coming from Gothenburg centre you can take bus 300 to Hyssna handel and we will pick you up at the bus station.


The retreat will be 5 days of transformative tools such as:

  • InnerGuidance transformative journeys and integration tools
  • Guided experiences with nature
  • Heart opening cacao ceremony
  • Writing and sharing exercises
  • Yoga, meditation, pranayama, kirtan

Besides that there is enough time to journal, to walk in the nature and it is a beautiful time of the year to swim in the lake which is located next to the retreat centre.


Meet the team

Ingrid, Alexandra and Corona met each other in 2018 in Bali. They all three did the InnerGuidance training and felt the call to bring our special gifts from different backgrounds together to create this powerful and transformative retreat.

Ingrid will welcome you on her beautiful land in Seglora. Which lies in the middle of a beautiful forest. It contains a lake and many beautiful viewpoints with magical vibrations.

She is devoted to help others live a more true and liberated life and that’s why she created Himladal – a sanctuary for healing and transformation where retreats and workshops are taking place all year around for the visitors to discover their true nature.

Ingrid is trained with Amara Samata and will be the main InnerGuidance facilitator during our retreat in Sweden.


In 2015 Alexandra came to India for the first time in a journey of self-discovery. There she came in touch with yoga, a science she applied on herself as a tool of healing and growth.

Since then she’s been coming to India regularly to study with different teachers. She is formed in yoga therapy (600 hours).

The way of teaching and seeing yoga is from a holistic approach, using a wide range of tools as asana, pranayama, krya yoga and kirtan or singing. Wishing yoga to be able to be part of everyday life as it touches all aspects of life. She has a special attraction to chanting as a way to open up through the heart, and will be holding the kirtans in the retreat.

At the retreat centre Himladal she first came in contact with InnerGuidance and is now educated with the founder Amara Samata and is in the process to certify as a InnerGuidance facilitator.


Corona (Dutch) her journey started as a vinyasa and ashtanga yoga teacher. Nowadays she is specialized in yin yoga and through her travels she discovered cacao ceremonies.  In the Netherlands she is organizing many cacao ceremonies as a workshop in yoga schools and as an opening ceremony of ecstatic dance. Cacao ceremonies are a beautiful way to open our hearts and to listen to her whispers. She is organizing retreats in the Netherlands, Bali and Sweden.

Just like Alexandra and Ingrid, she followed the InnerGuidance training with Amara (currently in process of certification). At Amara’s place Corona met Ingrid and Alexandra and there this retreat was born! She can’t wait to mee you in Sweden for a beautiful time all together.



Tomta Nedergården, 515 93 Seglora, Sweden

Arrival on Wednesday 24th of June between 12 pm and 1 pm. Finishing on Sunday 28th of June at 2 pm.

The location is Himladal in Seglora (30 min. from Gothenburg airport).

Currently the price of the return flight from Amsterdam Gotenburg is € 155.

We will pick you up from the airport on Monday and we will bring you back to the airport on Friday. 



Early bird price: 650€ untill 31st of March 
Regular price 695€ 
30% is paid at the moment of registration, 70% is paid latest 1st of June 


  • accommodation
  • all meals and drinks
  • all classed and workshops
  • shared room 
  • pick-up from airport

Sign up and information
info@coronameerman.com +316 1119 5486
ingrid@ingridienser.se +46705 592 109
alexandrasegerkvist@hotmail.com +46738 044 606



“This has been the most profound, transforming and powerful retreat I have ever been to – and that’s with an experience of being to at least 15 retreats earlier in life. The combination of the facilitators together with the activities was absolutely amazing. Ingrid, Corona and Alexandra are tree powerful women always giving from a place of love. You feel genuinely taken care of, acknowledged and loved. The work they do through InnerGuidance is truly sacred and one of the most profound experiences I ever had. Other than that we were offered such range of activities such as yoga, meditation, nature quest, cacao ceremonies and dancing to name a few. To do this together with a group of people really loving and connecting with each other felt so heart warming and the entire time. It has been one of the most allowing and giving environments I’ve ever been in. You can truly let go, be yourself while healing and finding your core. I am so grateful for the experience and will definitely come back – bringing friends and family.”

Martina, Sweden

“Embrace True Nature has been the most transformative and heart-opening experience of my life. From the moment I set foot on Himladal I could feel a wave of calm wash over me. This land is truly magic and the nature and energy is something to be experienced. Being welcomed with warm heartfelt hugs from Ingrid, Alexandra and Corona made me feel safe and at home from the beginning. This retreat really helped me to connect with my inner true true self and to shed layers of old things no longer serving me. The help and support from these three incredible women has been invaluable. They safely led me through this intense process of coming home to myself and I am forever grateful. Himladal is a land of magic with incredible scenery, food, a beautiful lake and amazing people.”
Marianne, Norway

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