Hi leader of the New World!

I am there to help you, as heart driven manager and professional,

  • to reconnect with your inner essence and sparkle;
  • to feel rejuvenated and alive consistently. 

So you can elevate your intuition, impact & influence. 

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Who am I?

What makes me unique and effective is the way how I combine business, leadership, spirituality and personal development. 

This is what I have been doing for more than 10 years. During my studies I already combined Business Administration and Psychology. And later on I combined my management job with my own company which is all about personal development and spirituality. 


Many people asked me how it could be that my way of leading teams is so unique, with so much ease, flow AND so effective. Often I told them about my passion in personal development and my own investment in many programs and trainings (over 25k!). 

I believe that you can learn the most when you leave your comfort zone, find yourself in the right stretch zone, are willing to accept help and are willing to be vulnerable. 

After 5 years of managing different departments (from Customer Service to Operations and everything in between, from teams up to 50 people), I now completely focus on guiding and coaching other managers and professionals in: 

  • leading from trust instead of control
  • using their heart in becoming an effective leader
  • leading from their authentic self – their core (from inside to the outside, instead of outside to inside)
  • creating their own leadership roadmap as base for their vision 

It will be an honor to help YOU too, as one of the Leaders of the New World.  

Do you want to:

  • create a better balance in life
  • increase your energy level
  • create more clarity in life


  • create more impact in your life and with your team
  • life and lead more from intuition
  • have a bigger influence in the world


  • want to lead your team from a purpose perspective instead of a profit perspective
  • want to lead your team in a more authentic and holistic way

Are you done with:

  • an unbalanced life
  • working too many hours
  • feeling (almost) burn-out


  • not achieving the results you want
  • not knowing what is truly important for you
  • not knowing how to motivate your team into the right direction


  • being unsure what the next step is in your life or career

Are you 100% ready:

  • to lead FROM WITHIN, from your core, from your heart?
  • to UNLOCK YOUR FULL POTENTIAL as a leader and as a human being?  
  • to receive CLARITY about your career and your life? 
  • to create a new way of living: FUN, EASE & WITH GRACE? 
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a personal development program specific made for you – based on your personal situation.

  •  3 months container of:
    • 5 coaching sessions of 1 hour
      to create overview,  to give you tools, to coach, to learn, discuss and hold you accountable
    • 3 intensive coaching sessions of 3 hours
      to break through patterns 
    • available for additional support and questions
      by whatsapp voice messages

Feels this is what you are longing for? Let’s connect in a 30 min. call! So we can get to know each other better and I can give my honest advise if this program is for you! 


You feel you just need one hour coaching? To create overview again, to see things from a different perspective, to learn a new tool? I am there for you to guide you and to help you one step further into leading from your heart with ease, grace and fun! 




Join the workshop on Sunday 16th of August in Zeeland.  

You will leave this day full of inspiration and energy! 

New ways to balance yourself and your team. 

New ways to lead your team from your heart! 

A new way of leading your team with grace, ease and fun! 

For companies


  • You don’t have the TIME to coach your managers and professionals?
  • You don’t know HOW to coach your managers and professionals?


What others say about working with Corona

“With Corona’s support, I’ve been able to take the leap. I radically changed my life by following my heart” 

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From living in my head, burning out my body & soul… To a life full of passion and love. Corona helped me realize that if I want to change my life, I should take responsiblity and the courage to make adjustments. Not only in physical actions, but also on my mindset.

She’s the most heart-centered person I know, one of the kindest and most giving. Also she is very connected, results-oriented, and beyond brilliant… 

Business coach & Founder of Sparkle Digital

“Corona gave me a lot of confidence, by listening carefully, giving effective advise and being open and accessible”

Working with Corona has been inspiring and a lot of fun. She has been my manager for 2 years. By listening carefully, giving effective advice and being open and accessible, she gave me a lot of confidence! During these years I realized that a positive approach to any challenge and staying close to your heart, brings you the furthest. By that I have been able to grow in my working life and as a person. I know I can be myself, be authentic and getting the work done with a smile on my face. 

Teamleider Operations

“She encourages you to see situations form different perspectives”  

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Corona is such an amazing person to work with. She always takes the time to listen very carefully and encourages you to see situations from different perspectives.

During the talks with Corona I realized that love and attention needs to be unconditional and that it is important to listen to your true self. 

Setting limits is not a sign of weakness but more a sign of a strong leader who knows herself very well. 

I would truly recommend Corona’s Leadership Program to anyone who thinks his/her development needs a boost. 

Product Owner Online, Medux


1 day workshop in Zeeland


1 hour online coaching


3 months intensive coaching program

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