Cacao Ceremonies

Bali is thé place where I discovered cacao ceremonies in 2017. Where my heart was whispering: “bring this beautiful ceremony to the Netherlands!”.

Cacao ceremonies are described as heart opening, heart-warming and connecting.

Several times a month, I facilitate a cacao ceremony. Take a look at my event calendar and join me on one of these heart opening journeys. 

Cacao Ceremony Course

Are you amazed by the power of this subtle soft medicine? 
Do you want to know everything about cacao?
Are you feeling inspired to share the magic of cacao with the people around you? 

Join us by following the Online Cacao Ceremony Course!  

Make your own cacao

In 2 steps you will be ready to make your own cacao:

This is my favorite cacao from Peru which will be deliverd within 2 working days to your place. I would always suggest to take the “chunks”. Either 200 gram, 500 gram or 1 kilo (42 gram per person is the ceremonial amount)

In this video I explain how to make your own cacao.

Cacao Ceremonie at your event?

I facilitate cacao ceremonies for all kind of events. From festivals and ecstatic dance events to yoga retreats.


Cacao cermonies are a very old ritual from South-America. The Inca’s and the Maya’s discoverd the deep, loving and healing power of pure cacao. 

The 100% raw cacao supports you gently wherever you are at. It increases the blood flow, lowers your blood pressure, relaxes the muscles and connective tissues which generates an expensive feeling, often centered around the heart.  

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