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“Corona guided me with so much love and trust through this session. I appreciated how she took the time beforehand to explain what InnerGuidance is and took the time to let me relax and make me feel safe. I learned about a pattern in myself which was sad to realise: I so often made promises to myself that I did not keep. I had not seen this pattern before, but I could now clearly see how that stopped me in my creative work progress. Therefore the session with Corona was most helpful to get further in my life, just by recognizing it.“

Lisa (March 2019)

“In the InnerGuidance session with Corona I became aware of the structure and the roles in my family dynamic. I realized how important it is for me to set boundaries in any situation, to speak my truth. In the session I literally expressed my wants and needs, which was very powerful to do. Corona her energy, her begin, made me feel very safe and she created a place where everything was allowed.”

Baydir (April 2019)

“De InnerGuidance sessie heb ik bij Corona gedaan omdat er gelijk een vertrouwd gevoel was. De sessie heeft mij gebracht dat ik vanuit afstand kon kijken naar de relatie tussen mij, mijn vader en mijn broer. Hierdoor kwam ik tot het inzicht dat er veel liefde voor elkaar is en gelijkheid. Terwijl dat in mijn gedachte anders was. Wat voor mij bijzonder was dat dit gewoon in de open ruimte ontstond, zonder dat ik echt met een hulp vraag kwam. De veiligheid die Corona biedt maakte dit mogelijk. Het resultaat is dat de relatie tussen mij, mijn vader en mijn broer nu veel vrijer en gemakkelijker voelt. Ik raad het iedereen aan om een InnerGuidance sessie te doen. Het is wel handig als je al wat bekend bent met meditatie en bewustzijn.”

Michiel (May 2019)

Self-discovery experience

It is a profound self-discovery experience, which is very powerful by combining 4 levels at the same time: 

  • mental level
  • emotional level
  • energetical level
  • physical level
What do I do?

As facilitator I support you through:

  • sound
  • spoken guidance
  • energetic guidance
  • integration tools

I am there for you to support you wherever you are – without an agenda, without any goal. 


Give permission to explore what we are all longing to be – Connected & Free.

What will a session be like?

The online session will take about 2,5 hours. You will start the session on a tin mattress, where we start to connect with the breath. From this the process will start. 

The session is different for each person. For some it will be an emotional, heart-centered experience, for others it will be a physical experience. For some it will be an energetical experience, while for others it is more a practical and logical process that just “make sense” 

No one ever goes into deep, inner searching and finds out: “I am not enough. In fact we find the opposite”

For who is an InnerGuidance session?

This process is suitable for anyone who is ready to look at what the truth in this moment is. It is for those who want to discover what is longing to be revealed, healed or understood so you can take your next step in life and create freedom from:

  • limiting stories & beliefs
  • limiting social condition
  • fear of lack-based strategies & habits
  • deeper illusion of lack



The founder

InnerGuidance is created by Amara Samata. Through her awakening into her True Self, she synthesized the Inner Dance Process created by Pi Villaraza and the teachings of her Tibetan Lama from the Dzogchen tradition of Mahayana Buddhism.

Watch this video for more information about Amara and the InnerGuidance proces.  


What others say:

“My InnerGuidance session was about responsibilities and injustice. I had some amazing insights why I do what I do. So I was able to take my own responsibility back from my family system. Besides that I realised I should say sorry to someone for something what I did when I was young. I was not aware that this had still an impact on me. It was a relieve to say sorry.

Corona her touch and guidance during the session made me feel very safe and trusted. It was a very effective and special experience, which I recommend to everyone! I write this review now two months later, and I realise that the insights from the session have given me more heart space. I am more relax when I am around my family and I feel a lot more selflove.“

Marcel (May 2019)

“The InnerGuidance session showed me that it’s save for me – and that I need – to open up my sensitivity more and more. The session helped me to get back into my inner being, my inner knowing. That wisdom inside that is always there, but that sometimes is too difficult to get in touch with. With the guidance of Corona in this session, she helped me to go ‘there’ again. 

Different things came up, where the most important for me was to connect more with my sensitive side, to take more rest, to keep creating time and space, not pushing myself so hard anymore. I also realised that I can ask for help to ‘re-start’ my womb, to get her active’and flowing again. 

Corona created and hold a really save and comfortable space. She asked me the right questions, she helped me through some layers by going in there with me, as my guide- which felt super good and supportive. 

I totally liked the way of how InnerGuidance is working on an emotional/energetical/spiritual/psychical level. Such a beautiful combination.” 

Liese (June 2019)

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After filling in the form I will contact you to discuss a date which is working for you. 

One session is around 2 – 2,5 hours. 


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