Living from the heart

I am here to help you to create a deeper connection with  your heart.

Combining the business and the spiritual world.

Combining the mind and the heart.

To become more effective and happier in life! 

I strongly believe that shifts are made in exploring life from a point of pleasure, joy and love – instead of pressure, control and fear.

Wanna find it out?

Let’s take a journey together!

With love,
Corona Meerman


To discover your hearts potential.


full heart potential

1:1 online coaching for managers, leaders, young professionals and specialists, who want to integrate their heart in their (business) life. Living and leading life in a more holistic and balanced way. Unlocking your full heart potential, so you are able to make an even bigger impact. 


embracing truth & love

1:1 online/offline sessions for those who are ready to let go of old patterns, blockages and limitations. To create clarity in your life, to be able to make choices and to increase your energy level. 



a taste of love

A taste of love. A taste of your heart. Using the tool of 100% pure cacao to release the layers of protection from your heart. To feel more relaxt and open. 



Switching off the phone and putting the volume of the mind a little bit lower. Joining for a Heart Opening Journey to discover what is truly important for you: on a business level and on a personal level. 

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