Living from the heart

To let you connect with your own heart,
I organize retreats, give InnerGuidance sessions and facilitate cacao ceremonies.

Bali Retreat – a heart opening journey

This retreat:

  • brings you closer to what you already are, closer to your heart, closer to YOU
  • will remember your own power, your own centre
  • breaths and acknowledge that who you are

“It’s my mission to create a balance between our mind and our heart. From a place where we are connected with each other, seeing and acknowlediging each other.

I strongly believe that shifts are made in exploring life from a point of pleasure, joy and love – instead of pressure, control and fear.

The logo symbolizes many circles of connections – to each other and to yourself. Standing alone and together, free and always connected. In which beauty and love arises. It also represents my name Corona – which means a Circle of Light / Circle around the sun.”

Corona Meerman

Event Calendar

Check out my heart opening events from 1 hour to multiple day journeys.

Cacao Ceremonie at your event?

I facilitate cacao ceremonies for all kind of events. From festivals and ecstatic dance events to yoga retreats.

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